Weight Loss

weight loss

Some times, we work so hard to reduce our weight and get back into shape but still It doesn’t work out the way we expect. Here are some reasons which can create an obstruction for getting a perfect body. It can be your food habit, your glands or your medicines.

Muscle Actually Burn More Calories Than Fat!!

This question sounds like a weight-loss myth, but it is very true. Muscle is designed for movement, so it burns energy at a increased rate than fat, which is used to store energy.  As per sports nutritionist, a pound of muscle burns about 7 to 10 calories a day when at rest, compared with 2 or 3 calories for fat. So don’t count on your new-found muscle to make or break your diet.

Best Exercise For Burning Fat

There is actually  no ‘best exercise’ for burning fat, Bur the type of exercise that will burn the most calories is a workout that makes a muscle work so hard that it has to struggle to find enough calories in the bloodstream to continue performance.

Consuming “how much is too much” puzzles and troubles every mind especially when you have planned to trim your tummy. The extra Fat (aka visceral fat) around your belly, generates the troubling chemical makers in our body in the name of  adipose hormones and adipokines. So, start checking the portion size of every meal you are taking in. Better not to eat till you feel full psychologically.

Short term studies indicate that the volume of food people eat at a meal is what makes them psychologically feel full. This fullness eventually shapes our tummy pear shaped or apple shaped (Central obesity). Some quick diet tips to reshape your tummy or, trimming your belly fat .