Our Team

Dr Kinshuk Parikh is an Ayurveda consultant and a health writer. She has studied Ayurveda and clinical research from India and now moved to USA california.

With encouragement of her family and friends she has started writing articles on various health topics. She is also an 24*7 available health professional for her relatives and friends. She’s more a counselor then a doctor, after all she believes in “The best doctor gives the least medicines”. She has the passion of healing patients through Ayurveda, research, counselling, food, yoga and meditation.  

Mr. Hardik Parikh is a businessman. He has studied International business from Canada and now moved to USA california.

He is highly motivated person also a humble but very passionate about his dreams. He believes in taking baby steps but with clarity. Being an entrepreneur at very young age, he is ready for challenges. He has abilities to block out distractions and focus on immediate issue,task or goal as well as the bigger picture can be a key trait in a successful entrepreneur!