Constipation is a sedentary life style disorder

Constipation is a sedentary life style disorder!

Yes you read it right Constipation is a sedentary life style disorder, where there is no or very less physical activity. Although there are many other reasons also which will be discuss in this article. In today’s time we eventually tends to do very less or no physical activity, it generally due to luxury life style and work load where there is long hour sitting jobs.


Let us first know what is CONSTIPATION?

Constipation is the retention of stool in the colon. When we have digestion issues, when we have bowl problem.

We spend more hours in sitting toilets due to hard and low passage of stool.




Why We Face This Problem??

A person can face constipation due to many reasons some of them is given below that can be corrected

SEDENTARY LIFE STYLE –That, I mentioned above due to lack of physical Activity we become more prone to this problem.

High refined products Intake – Eating more of refined products like refined flour (Maida) and its products can be in the form of junk foods. White or refined Flour is also known as Glue of the Gut. As it forms the glue when mixed with water same happens in our intestine as there is no fiber it forms the glue in our intestine and block the system. Which leads to the constipation.

Low Water Intake – In the state of dehydration or low water intake, renal tubules of kidney start Reabsorbing water from the waste and makes stool more concentrated, to balance the water level inside the body. That again lead to constipation.

Low fiber intake – Fiber is something which I call the magical food that shows incredible health benefits even to cancer patients. Fiber, the plant part is indigestible in our body. It helps in maintaining the bowl movement, gives bulk to the stool and hence prevents you from constipation.

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If you are taking too much of medicines like Antibiotics, or if you are facing Thyroid Hormones issues then you are making yourself more prone to constipation.

People having Laxative Abuse and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are at the risk of constipation.

Certain food habits like sudden stop or decrease of fat content in your diet may also lead to constipation.


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To combat Constipation we need to follow Very Simple Easy Tips-

Do at least 40 min of any physicals Activity on daily basis.

Eat whole Grain products like Multigrain Atta for chapattis etc.

Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

At least 3 servings of fruits and 4-5 servings of green vegetables.

Drink plenty of waters, minimum 9-10 sized glasses of water per day.

Add more fluids in your diet in the form of soups, juice, Detox water.

Warm Milk is very effective to give you relief constipation, if you are not a lactose intolerant.

Add at least 25-30g of fiber per day in the form of Nuts, whole grain products, fruits and vegetables.

Eat small frequent meals with good combination of macro and micro nutrients.

Avoid much of Eating Out junk foods, say yes to Homemade wholesome meals.

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