Tips During Buying Fish Oil Supplements

Tips During Buying Fish Oil Supplements

The process of oxidation in fish oil supplements start taking place the moment the supplement bottle is opened as the items come in contact with environmental oxygen. This you cannot avoid how much ever you try. But the process of oxidation can be controlled during the manufacturing and the storage process of the supplements.

When you go to buy fish oil supplements in the market, here are some things that you must keep into consideration:

1.Light is an important factor that can cause oxidation. It is recommended to store fish oil supplements in glass bottles that are dark in color. While purchasing these supplements, make sure you buy ones that are in dark colored glass bottles. Many companies pack these supplements in clear and transparent bottles. Refrain from purchasing such items. In clear bottles, the chances of oxidation are high as light exposure is more.

2.Along with light, temperature is also a great contributor to oxidation. It is recommended to store fish oil supplements under refrigeration once the bottle is opened. Refrain from purchasing bottles of liquid fish oil, which claim that there is no need for refrigeration after opening the seal of the bottle. This should compel you to think that something must be added to the oil so that oxidation at room temperature will not take place and this is definitely not pure fish oil.

3.It is recommended to purchase fish oil, which has added antioxidants to the same. Some of the most popular and common antioxidants that are used in such cases include rosemary extract, vitamin E and ascorbyl palmitate. Green tea catechins, which are useful extractions from green tea, also have strong antioxidant properties.

Majority of fish oil supplements have shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacturing if they are stored properly. Though the products claim so, many of them fail to remain in good condition even within the expiration date.

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Neha Suryavanshi

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