NAVRATRI special dietary tips


completionNavratri is the Most popular festival of our Indian Society, which comes twice in a year. We do fasting to get the peace in the occasion of Goddess Durga.

Here I am going to tell you few dietary tips that will help to lose fat this Navratri. Lets see those tips that will make your Navratri more special and healthier.


  1. Drink water– While fasting it is more important for you to hydrate yourself well. Drink plenty of water. You can hydrate yourself with other liquids also like vegetable soups, fruit juices, coconut water, lemon water, detox water. This will keep Acidity, Sleepiness, and tiredness away from you and helps you to lose more.
  2. Eat Fruits– Take proper servings of fruits while fasting. You can drink juice or a bowl of fresh fruits, Which will nourish your body with vitamins and minerals. This will also give you the amount of fiber which keeps your bowl movement and gives you the feeling of fullness. You can drink shake of your desired fruits.
  3. Amaranth – Another super food for us,that can be included in our Navratri diet. Amaranth is very rich in Fiber, calcium and protein also with low amount of calorie. This will also give you the feeling of fullness and helps you to maintain blood sugar level throughout the fasting day.

You can try Amaranth khichri, Amaranth kheer, Amaranth Ladoo.

  1. Dry fruits – A handful nuts like Almonds, Cashew nuts, walnuts give you enough nutrients like good fat, fiber and protein.
  2. Buckwheat flour– Super food eaten in Navratri which gives you lots of benefits with low calorie high in fiber helps in weight reduction and also gives you tasty dishes.

You can make Idli, dhokla, cheela with buckwheat.

  1. Curd– Very common Milk product that can makes your Navratri diet more healthier and tastier.

It will gives you rich amount of probiotics that aid you digestion. You can make fruit butter milk or cucumber buttermilk.

  1. Carbohydrates– Club your carbohydrates like potatoes and Amaranth with fiber rich food like spinach, cabbage, Tomatoes.
  2. Cooking method – Instead of deep frying you can try other cooking methods also like boiling, grilling, roasting. These methods not only gives you health benefits but also give a change to your regular taste.
  3. For tea options you can choose Green tea, Green coffee ,Amla tea, lemon mint tea which not only add good amount of your liquid but also gives you the bunch of good nutrients that helps in weight reduction.
  4. To make Milk based dishes always use skimmed milk like for kheer or shake similarly try to avoid white sugar instead of it you can use jaggery which gives you sweet taste with good amount of Iron.
  5. Samak Rice which are another super food eaten very frequently in Navratri days. These Samak rice are easy to digest. To make it more healthier with can add paneer ,nuts and lots of fiber rich vegetables tomatoes, broccoli, peas etc.  

So all dear Readers try these tips this Navratri and feel the change in your body and also kindly share these tips to your known and make their Navratri healthier and happier.


By DT Alpana

(Health & Wellness Coach)

Diet Counseling of patients or clients with Obesity, PCOD, Thyroid, Under nutrition, Anemia, Diabetes, lean diets, Gym Diets etc.

Holding the Health camps at various places.

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