ExclusiveBreast Feeding

I choose to write on EXCLUSIVE BREAST FEEDING, Which is going to decline day by day due to some of overgrowing myths.


So dear Mothers be focused here, I am going to share few Amazing benefits of Exclusive Brest feeding, but before going on that topic first we all need to understand what exactly is EXCLUSIVE BREAST FEEDING.


The Term EXCLUSIVE BREAST FEEDING is used when all fluids, energy, and nutrients are provided by MOTHER MILK only.

Exclusive Brest Feeding means that not even water is given to the infant. Breast milk provides enough water even for hot summer days.

If water supplements are given they may prove harmful as it may be unhygienic as well as, reduce sucking of breast, which may diminish breast milk output.


Now we understood what exactly EXCLUSIVE BREAST FEEDING is.

Here is few but very important to know-

  • Breast feeding is very simple and natural way to feed your child. As you are going to give breast milk you don’t need to be tensed about Hygienic, it’s totally safe for your child.
  • It is inexpensive and available at all at correct temperature for baby.
  • Mother need not to worry about how much milk baby needs as long as baby feels satisfied and is growing well. Exclusive breast feeding till six month ensures the normal baby growth.
  • Breast milk is rich in Lactose sugar, which a body can handle. Human milk has a Protein LACTALBUMIN which is better digested than Casein protein which is present in high amount in cows milk.
  • Colostrum (first milk) is rich in nutrients and anti-infective factors. Breast milk is rich in immunoglobulin (IgA), Lactoferrin , lactoperoxidase, and components which protect infant against several infection.
  • Diseases and Death among the Breast fed children is at a lower side It prevents the infant from Diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infections.  
  • The bifidus factor in Breast Milk promotes the gut flora. The gut flora and low pH of breast milk kills and inhibits the growth of pathogen.
  • Breast feeding helps in making your bonding more stronger with your child. While mother gets feeling of satisfaction and achievement in carrying and feeding her baby, it gives emotional security to infant.
  • Breast feeding prolongs the birth interval by controlling the fertility.
  • Lactation amenorrhea prevents the onset of another pregnancy. This time gap helps uterus to regain its original shape again.
  • Breast feeding helps in Reducing the Post- Pregnancy weight. As the laid fat during pregnancy is mobilized and utilized during Lactation. Mothers are protected from Breast cancer if they do Breast Feeding.


Here I am done with Benefits of Breastfeeding. So All mothers do follow breast feeding and makes your own and your child healthier and stronger.


By Dt Alpanna

(Health & Wellness Coach)

Diet Counseling of patients or clients with Obesity, PCOD, Thyroid, Under nutrition, Anemia, Diabetes, lean diets, Gym Diets etc.

Holding the Health camps at various places.

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Email: alpi.verma@gmail.com

Phone: 8285653840

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