Everyone around is rushing to dietitians or wellness coaches just for one thing i.e. weight loss. People neither know their actual goals nor do they know that a dietitian is not meant  only for weight loss. Most of the people have a mindset that they can loose weight by starving. Starvation is not a correct way to loose weight. It’s not a long term thing. Also  it will deprive your body of the essential nutrients and make you feel low, dull and dizzy.

Your ultimate goal should be fitness not being skinny.



Even fruits provide you with calories and the fruit sugar i.e. fructose. Going completely on a fruit diet for few days will raise your potassium levels too. Fruits are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fibers. They should be added in moderation to provide bulk to your diet.


  • Healthy food is always expensive, so everyone cannot diet or loose weight.

Diet or weight loss friendly foods or healthy foods all lie their in your kitchen or they are growing around you. You just need to be a food detective. Eat local and seasonal foods. Eating avocados, quinoa, etc is not the only way out to loose weight.


  • Skip dinner to loose weight fast.

A big NO for this. Never skip any of your meals. Instead have light dinners which are low in carbs and fats, high in proteins.


  • Diet food means only salads.

Being on diet doesn’t means just munching on salads or fruits for the whole day. You have a long list of foods that you can have. A few to mention are oats, poha, tandoori chicken or paneer, daal or its cheelas and  fruit smoothies too.


  • Don’t drink too many glasses of water in the morning as it will result in bloating and heaviness.

Begin your day with several glasses of water for re hydrating your body after the night and begin the day with better biochemical balance. Plain water at the right temperature is the best hydrating beverage.

An Article by Dt. Deepanshi Malhotra

Freelance dietician at Nutriento
Facebook: Nutriento
Contact Info:
 M- 9811230656
Other Articles By Deepanshi:


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