Hemp Seeds: A Complete nutrition pack!



Seeds of plant ‘cannabis sativa’ available as Hemp seeds in the market are gaining increased recognition as a Doozy food item. This seed is a complete nutrition pack. Recent research and studies has confirmed its significance role and so your Dietitian/Nutritionist may suggest you to wisely opt for this. Before expending your money on mere a seeds you may think wide.

  • Why you should eat: this is incredibly Nutritious.
  • What Nutrition you get :Packed with Protein, fibres, Vitamins & Minerals. Vit.E, Minerals like Potassium, Magnesium,Zinc present in good amount.
  •  Exceptionally rich in essential fatty acid– omega 6 and omega 3 present in the ratio of 3:1 which is considered to be the optimal range.
  • How to consume: raw/ Cooked /Roasted form. Flavor- Mild, nutty
  • Digestibility-Very good, 80℅ insoluble fiber.
  • Best way to eat- Being versatile in nature, it can be sprinkled on salad, mixed in with yogurt or add on to the smoothie.
  • Proven efficacious in diseases like Alzheimer’s and controlling the PMS symptoms in women.
  •  Evidence based health benefits of Hemp are known now and simply cut to the chase this seed has been marked under nutritious and delicious Super food.
  •  Must know the Magical 4 benefits are listed below.

So, why not to include this in our kitchen shelf. Prepare according to your choice. Take home message: Three tablespoons of hulled hemp seeds gives you 10 grams (g) of protein, 14 g fat and 2 g fiber. Cook a finger lickin’ good and enjoy the nutri pack with a contentment.

By Smriti Jha

Ms. Smriti Jha Registered Dietitian
Smriti Jha
-Registered Dietitian having more than 8 yrs of experience in Clinical Dietetics.
-Diabetes Educator, Health &Wellness Coach.
Contact Details: smritijha1985@gmail.com


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