7 Herbal Uses of Clove!

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Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree and are commonly used as a spice. Here are the medicinal uses & home remedies of clove.

1) Headache due to common cold-

The congestion of cough in common cold usually causes headache and heaviness in head. For that,

Take 10 to 15 cloves (quantity may differ according to the size of ones forehead) then grind them with the help of water to make fine paste of it.

Apply this paste over the aching portion or complete forehead. Remove it after drying completely with the help of wet cotton cloth.

It helps to reduce the pain and also the congestion.

2) Toothache –

In tooth decay (cavities), gum disease, there is continuous pricking pain. In primary condition for this pain, dip a cotton ball in clove oil, & keep it on the painful area or infection. It immediately reduces pain.

3) Common cold –

For that, take 10 cloves + 2 glasses of water. Boil it till it remain up to 1 glass. Drink this decoction twice a day. It is one of the experienced  home remedy for common cold.

4) Cough –

Clove is one of the most popular drug for cough. If one has continuous coughing sensation, should chew the clove slowly and swallow the juice of it. It reduces coughing.
In asthmatic patients fast breathing, difficult breathing, shortness of breath are some symptoms for which clove can be helpful. It helps to reduce these symptoms as it reduce the congestion of cough.

5) Motion sickness –

Motion sickness is very common in people, where one suffers from symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, giddiness when one travels in a moving vehicle. If we chew clove before starting travel and swallow the juice of it, it will help to reduce the above complaints.

6) Loss of appetite, Bloating, Gases, Indigestion

It is a one of the most well known digestive aid. For above complaints,
Take 10 cloves, roast them  and make fine powder of it. take 1 gm of this powder with ½ tsp of honey every morning. In few days all the complaints will vanish.

7)Vomiting & Nausea in Pregnancy – 

Everyone of us is well aware of the term “Morning sickness”, which means nausea & vomiting in the duration of pregnancy. It can be seen in morning or can go on for all day. Because of this the mother automatically eats less as everything makes her feel nauseated. For that,

a)  Take 5 cloves dip them in a glass of hot water for ½ hour.
Then smash the clove in the water and strain it.
Give this water to drink in pregnancy. It will reduce the symptoms.

b)  Take 1 gm of fine clove powder
& take it along with 3 tsp of pomegranate juice everyday morning.
It also helps to remove the symptoms.

So above are some excellent home remedies of clove which everyone can try.
Stay health. Stay tuned.

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