Calcium Deficiency! What I need to Know..

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Calcium Rich FoodWell accepted fact that calcium is required for strong and dense bone and optimal for Bone health throughout our life. And indeed, a little negligence can results into major ailing in later years.
Taking too little calcium leads to ‘Hypocalcemia’. Muscle cramps, Confusion, Depression, Tingling, Achy muscle are the generally observed Symptoms of Hypocalcemia for which your Doctor & Dietitian may suggest you for the supplement and dietary modifications.

Sources :
Whenever we think for calcium, the glass of Milk appears in front of us. True that Milk has good calcium but those who simply has a dislike or have intolerance, they can switch to alternate sources. Ofcourse, the Biological availability (degree to which food nutrients are available for absorption and utilization in the body) of dairy and other source will vary. So, better to take opinion from Registered Dietitian.

Good sources – Milk and dairy products,

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  1. […] Calcium– The calcium needs during pregnancy increases to 1200mg/day. It is required for the growth and development of the bones as well as calcification of foetal bones and teeth. It is found in milk and milk products like yogurt, cheese, cream, cottage cheese, khoa, etc. while for those who are lactose intolerant can get their calcium from ragi, gingelly seeds, poppy seeds, cumin seeds, figs, dry dates, colocasia leaves, fenugreek leaves, amaranth, etc. […]


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