Diabetes and Ramadan. How does food fit into the management?!

Diabetes And FastingNeed permission from family doctors:

  • Patients need to ensure their family doctor is aware that you are going to fast for 30 days.
  • Ensure family doctor understands what a Muslim Fast means
  • Do not assume your family doctor understands what fasting means. It could need not eating meat and animal products. Please clarify.
  • Most important make sure MD gives you permission to fast.
  • Speak to your doctor well before Ramadan startsPlease remember…..
  • Following are exempted from fasting:

  • The acutely unwell

  • Those with chronic illnesses for whom fasting may be detrimental to health

  • One must remember that people on certain types of medications, are at much higher risk of getting dehydrated, having low or very high blood sugars and this can be potentially life threatening.

    What to Eat for Sehri?

  • Carbohydrates

  • Simple

  • Complex

  • Dairy products

  • Proteins

  • Fruits

  • vegetables

    Diet: Sehri:

    • Have the sahoor meal as close to pre-dawn as possible and not at mid-night.
    • Use complex carbs that are slow to digest, like higher fiber breads, roti or chappati made with whole wheat flour, whole wheat pita or khubz bread.
    • Rice and rice based foods on the other hand digest faster, try to limit these, or use alternate grains likes barley, quino bulgar.
    • Incorporate fruits with skin and seeds, e.g. berries, apple, peach and pear.
    • Use low fat yogurt and milk products for beverages, instead of sugary drinks like rooh afza, etc.
    • Include a substantial amount of protein to keep full longer, e.g. chicken or meat, egg, dals, chickpeas, etc.
    • Vegetables are rarely eaten at the pre-dawn meal, but should be encouraged.Diet : Iftar:
      • Should be healthy and balanced
      • Avoid over eating
      • Fasts are customarily opened with dates – limit to 1-2 only.
      • Fluids are encouraged, but not sugar based drinks, squashes or carbonated drink. Use water or drinks sweetened with artificially. Lassi made with low fat yogurt without sugar or salt is a good choice.
      • Avoid or limit to 1 piece of sweet dish or 2 small pieces of chocolate, or only small serving of desserts
      • Avoid deep fried food items like samosas, pakoras, etc. instead pan fry kababs, bake samosas and enjoy chickpea chaat (salad) with tomatoes, peppers, onions. Etc.
      • Enjoy fruit or fruit salad but watch the portions. Do not take more than 1 cup. Do not sweeten with sugar.
      • Follow the plate method

      RAMADAN: The month when you gradually start to realize that it’s not the devil. It’s you!

Wajid Rather

Diabetes Educator at lifespan diabetes and cardio metabolic clinic

lifespan diabetes and cardio metabolic clinic

International diabetes federation

Contact: wajid.rather@yahoo.com


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