Tips for Packing for Hospital Stay

hospital stay

If you know you’re being admitted to the hospital, taking some time to plan and prepare can make your stay more comfortable and less stressful. The following to-do list can help you decide what you need to bring with you and ensure you haven’t forgotten anything


You may want to bring comfortable pajamas or lounging clothes, if you’ll be able to wear your own clothing. Nightgowns or nightshirts are better for women than pajama sets with pants, and short-sleeved shirts are best and comfortable if any intravenous (IV) lines you may require. A big size sweater or bed jacket can help the chills. Make sure you have slippers to walk around in the hospital and one pair of regular shoes (in case you’re allowed to walk outside, and you’ll need them for the trip home anyway).


You can bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, soap, shampoo, a comb or hair brush, and other toiletries from home, but avoid perfumes and any highly scented products.

3. Documents and paperwork.

Ideally, you should bring all the necessary paperwork in one folder, so that anything doesn’t get lost anywhere. Don’t forget insurance cards, a list of all the medications you are currently taking, and a list of telephone numbers of family and friends.

4. A small amount of money

for newspapers, canteen, and such. Bringing credit cards or large amounts of cash is not recommended, since theft can occur in hospitals. It is also a good idea to leave all jewelry at home, it is one less thing to worry about losing or being stolen. Also sometimes jewelry is not allowed in few hospital so better not to take it.

These are very small things to take care but extremely important for any patient or patient’s relatives. So it’s better to arrange all these things before getting admitted to the hospital.


Reviewed By- Dr Nidhi Saxena (MBA,PGDGM,BAMS)

Medical Officer at Pokhraj Hospital


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