These are Modern Era Addictions!


Anything that changes your mood can become addictive. It begins as self-medication to help you manage pain. The reward you get when you see that text message show up, find your favorite pair of shoes, or have a cappuccino  makes you want more. That becomes something you can’t live without.


We’ve all bought something we don’t really need. If it happens a lot, what you’re really looking for might be a hormone called dopamine, the happy emotion-chemical for your brain. It could also mean you have impulse-control problems or anxiety issues. Visit the stores  or the one click online purchase button  too often and it can cause financial, legal, and social problems.

Plastic Surgery

Some people are very self-obsessed . That’s because many of them have “body dysmorphic disorder” and are obsessed with defects only they can see. This problem is caused by some of the same brain chemicals that play a role in addiction.


A good workout can help you get over addictions, as long as you don’t become addicted on the activity itself. Exercise helps your brain learn, which can speed recovery. But you have to be able to say “no” to that endorphin-fueled runner’s high if you’re ill or injured. Plus, a new habit you start while working out may be harder to shake.

Social Media

Do you spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter you feel like you’re addicted? New studies show that you might be among the 10% of social media users who really are hooked. The random pace of posts affects your brain the same way that cocaine does. Sharing details about yourself with others also creates a rush of positive feelings that leaves you wanting more.


Let’s accept the fact that You can’t quit it! You keep it with you all the time and check it every few minutes. You work too much because you can’t turn it off on the weekend. You ignore the people you’re having dinner with to catch a text or a post from someone miles away or having his/her updates.  There’s not a lot of research yet, but scientists are looking into whether or not your favorite gadget is turning you into a digital junkie.

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