I’m not growing older, I’m just becoming classic! – Health Facts

Getting older

We have enough talked about problems we face while getting older but there are certain positive aspects too which we never consider in our life.

Let’s check what are they!


Self-esteem at its pick as you age, studies show, and increases with wealth, education, good health, and employment. But it takes a dip after 60. That may be because people begin to have health issues and start searching for a new sense of purpose following retirement. With increasing life spans, healthier lifestyles, and working to an older age, we may see that change.

Less Stress

As at this age, we don’t have to take care of babies or don’t have to worry about husbands and boyfriends and our relationships! Everything is settled and even if you are single, you have accepted your life as it is. Baby boomers and older adults report less stress than their younger counterparts, according to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America report. That doesn’t mean, it goes away. Health and money problems still crop up.

No More Fear!

You may worry more about breaking bones as you age. But you’re more likely to take a tumble if you’re scared of falling. One study found that about a third of adults over 65 have that fear. And it’s understandable, because falls are the leading cause of injuries for older people.

Lots of Knowledge

They’re called the golden years for a reason. Getting older has its perks. For one, we’re good at using what we’ve learned. This is called crystallized intelligence, and it keeps getting better, even when we are 65 or 70.

Social status

We have arrived on a stage where our loved ones always try to be with us. So by this time we have learned who are real person and who are fake. we’re more in tune with other people’s emotions in our 40s than at any other time in our life.

So enjoy your golden years with wisdom and live your life fullest. Even though you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you can manage with medication but keep your heart with fun and joy.  Learn new things like playing Chess or Guitar.



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