Organize yourself – 7 easy tips to follow!

organize-yourselfMake Organization a Daily Habit

Don’t think of it as cleaning up. Think of it as following your organization plan:

  • If you keep items, they should have a home. Use filing cabinets, labels, clear storage boxes, and over-the-door organizers.
  • Take 10 minutes each day to pick up and return items to their proper places.
  • If you take it out, put it back.
  • Keep a box for loose papers and other mislaid items to be put away. Go through it at the end of every day.

Keep Small Items Together

Place a small table or bookshelf near the entryway of your home. Put a tray or basket on top of it to hold important items such as keys, wallets, watches, glasses, and phones. You can also use this area to hold other items you want to remember, such as lunchboxes, briefcases, important papers, or outgoing mail.

Have a Rotating Menu

Planning regular meals for the entire family may be a challenge. Create a “Top 10” dinner list or regular rotating menu of dishes that you can cook easily. Try to keep those ingredients on hand, or list the ingredients on index cards that you can take with you. Don’t carry the burden of feeding everyone yourself: Have a floating “free” night when you order takeout, or share the kitchen responsibilities with other family members.

Write Down What You Spend

Carry a notebook or use an electronic device or financial website to keep track of everything you buy — even very small purchases. Knowing how much you spend each month — and on what — will help you manage your money.

Fight Boredom

Many people  get bored easily — especially during routine tasks or paperwork. This can make it difficult to stay focused at work. Try these tips:

  • Break up big tasks into smaller tasks.
  • Between tasks, take a walk or get fresh air.
  • Take notes in meetings.

Simplify Your Life with Fewer Tasks

Organizing and simplifying your surroundings will help you reduce clutter, keep track of your belongings, and remove some of the distractions that prevent you from focusing.

Simplifying can work for your schedule, too. Don’t start a new project or task until you’ve finished the current one. Try not to over schedule yourself with too many projects or tasks at once. You may need to practice saying no to new tasks to stay focused.



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