Emotional Eating: Check the Facts!

Emotional EatingWhen you’re happy, your food of choice could be burger or pizza, when you’re sad it could be ice cream or brownies, and when you’re bored it could be french fries. Food does more than fill our stomachs — it also satisfies feelings, and when you quench those feelings with comfort food when your stomach does not want anything, that’s emotional eating.

Emotional eating is eating for reasons other than hunger. Instead of the physical symptom of hunger initiating the eating, an emotion triggers the eating.

Finding difference between actual hunger & emotional appetite:

1.Emotional hunger comes on suddenly; physical hunger occurs gradually.

2. You won’t crave for soups or salads any day, crave only for high-calorie food:)

3. Emotional eating can leave behind feelings of guilt; eating when you are physically hungry does not.

People in happy moods tended to prefer foods such as pizza or steak (32%). Sad people reached for ice cream and cookies 39% of the time, and 36% of bored people opened up a bag of potato chips.

 How to manage?

1. No Over-think!

Overeating has a numbing, softening effect on our unwanted sentiments, and takes our attention away from them. The key to ending this pattern is to not abandon yourself when your emotions go awry, but instead to invite them in and allow yourself to feel.

Tell yourself that it’s OK to feel sad, mad, scared, tired — you name it. Welcome your negative emotions with kindness and curiosity, and ask them what they want from you.

 When you feel to eat – Try taking a walk, calling a friend, playing cards, cleaning your room, doing ironing or something productive to take your mind off the craving .


* Take a pinch of jatamansi powder to release stress, ashwagandha powder also can help as a stress buster.


* Have amla(indian gooseberry) fruit pieces once a day, it helps to decrease emotional appetite & also it’s full of anti oxidants which will be helpful to manage your emotions.


2. Eat only when you’re actually hungry.

Emotional eaters tend to not eat when they’re actually hungry, which only makes them want to eat a lot more later.  eat real, healthy, and nourishing foods whenever you experience physical hunger.

 3.Keep your digestion perfect.

If your serotonin secretions are good enough, your metabolism would get better gradually. 

The Gabriel Method author says, “You become very efficient at storing fat and you lose the ability to burn it.” This means that eating when you’re hungry will not only make you less inclined to binge, but it will also tell your body that it’s safe to lose weight.

* Take meals twice, other then that keep your day full with small liquid meals & a small serve of dry fruits(almonds & pistachio). 


* There are amazing result of  An Ayurvedic treatment called as Achchapeya snehapan. In that patient has to have a spoon of cow ghree or sesame oil (after consulting ayu. physician) early morning empty stomach. This would stabilize all three dosha– vata, pitta & kapha. also cow ghee is a brain tonic which will help to cure Manas Dosha(Mental Disorder)  if it is vitiated.




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