When should I plan my pregnancy?


Is this title really worth it?

Come on friends , certainly not. But still I can help you out. You all know it very well.
Many of my friends think now I’m all prepared for pregnancy I am smart I have achieved my career goals, I am financially sound and also me and my husband having very nice bonding.
So now I am prepared to be a mom.
I even planned how many months I will get leave. Afterwards I also know few baby sitters so that I can re start my job. I can also call my in laws or my parents for few months. All plans done!!
But are you ready mentally or may be are you ready physically?!
Come on, my young mommies also my very good friends also keep on telling me why you are so much worried about our future kids certainly we don’t. I answer them quietly dear it’s all about pregnancy ! And being a medical person I should be worried about you guys because I want my friends give birth to very healthy child.
So again the question is when should I plan my pregnancy !
1 . The most important thing – when you’re ready to conceive ! Not your husband nor your in laws even not your parents!  The answer is just you! Because being mom is very precious moments of any lady’s life. So she must be mentally and physically prepared! !
2. When you’re out of stress – oh man!  I just bought my house,  still I need to pay installments.  No baby! You just have to relax while planning a baby to enjoy all the process. Also because you never know , any medical condition during pregnancy may lead to you to bed rest. And if you’re stressed,  chances of miscarriages very increase.
3. When you’re taking enough folic acid 
Spinach , broccoli, other green leafy vegetables have enough folic acid which is very important,  if folic acid is lesser in your body, it might affect your future kid and may cause birth defects like neural tube defects.
4. When you’re out of  any kind of infection – make sure you having enough strong immunity. If you are being sick frequently , postpone your pregnancy plans! And 1st stay fit!! This also includes vaginal infection. Many females ignore when they are having white discharge(from vagina). That’s kind of fungal infection. You need to consult your gynaec 1st before moving ahead.
5. Husband support – many husbands think it’s not our job so why to know all this, but dear husbands when your wife will wake you up at 3 am and asking you some foods not available what will you do that;) jokes apart, husbands need to learn how to tackle their wives tantrums because pregnancy hormones make wives miserable! !!
6.Get in shape ahead of time (even though your waist will disappear for a while) to make your pregnancy and delivery easier. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise that gets your heart pumping on most days. Walking, bicycling, and swimming are great ways to get a workout. Or join a prenatal exercise class.
7. Quit Smoking
Among its other drawbacks, smoking can make it harder for you to get pregnant. And lighting up during pregnancy can raise the likelihood of problems like premature birth, low birth weight, and miscarriage. It also puts your baby at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
So my dear mommie to be enjoy your pregnancy and have a healthy and beautiful baby bump!


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