Top excuses for not working out!


Oh my god! She looks damn sexy.. look at her figure. Look at her skin.
You must be thinking these lines must be said by men, but actually not. Lol. These lines are said in minds of few women!! Yes I’m telling you truth . Off course,  our beauty is always judged by men as per our thinking but certainly not! Now a days if you look pretty after getting Married or after having kids, then the women around you will get jealous of you because of your flawless skin and your healthy figure.

They don’t realize how many times you have hit the gym for being 28 waist and you have taken green tea so that your skin is so beautiful. They don’t know how much hard work you have done, instead of being sited in from of tv.

Most excuses for exercises or diet!
1. I have 2 kids and in laws so I don’t get time to exercise or diet.
Dear ladies, if you don’t take care of your body and skin, who will else?! Start giving importance to yourself 1st, then every one else start respect your decisions.

2. I have backache and problems in knees- dear girl! If you don’t consult your doctor how would you get rid of it! And always remember your increased fat can cause backaches!

3. I’m confused from where to start- come on girl, there are so many options for starters, try deep breathing, walking and a little diet control.

4. I have a very good husband for whom I should look good? Dear lady- for yourself girl!! If you change a bit, you will gain your confidence and that will boost your will power.

And jealousy is a disease. Be positive be you.There’s a pretty lady inside you, just need to carve her properly!. Work hard, stay happy! “You are beautiful”


  1. […] Exercise regularly. Regular exercise helps improve heart muscle function and keeps blood flowing through your arteries. It can also reduce your risk of acute coronary syndrome by helping you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and control diabetes, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure. Exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous. For example, walking 30 minutes a day five days a week can improve your health. […]


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