Role of a husband during pregnancy!


Off course, A big role of husbands.

Guys need to understand each and everything about women, their pregnancy, emotions, physical changes and much more.

I know as per our traditional cultures, wives used to take care of husbands very well and make them damn handicapped!! Jokes a part, wife always love to take care of her husbands, but when she’s having a baby inside, she is not going to be the same as she used to be. Even if she wants to!

 The reason is – Hormonal Imbalance

I feel to vomit !

May be she’s having morning sickness. So sometimes husband would have to prepare the breakfast.

The reason is hCG and estrogen , both hormones get combined and due to higher level of these hormones, pregnant ladies get nausea-tic all the time mainly for 1st three months.

Due to all these hormones, she becomes a bit emotional and also becomes annoyed all the time. so be prepare for all her new avatars!

I am being fat!

A woman always has been so much conscious about her looks and figure, so this will be a draw back, even if she has not put on weight much, she starts to think like aww, I don’t look that great like before!

How to handle:

‘Hey sweetie look your baby bump growing so beautiful! ‘

Trust me! This type of appreciation she would love to hear. And she will feel so nice, and start taking all her physical changes

Why I am eating more!

All the women feel like eating more or their in laws suggest them to eat more, because you are having a baby, you need to eat for two people! Oh yeah, that’s true but eating right is also worth. If you eat more and more, it might make you and your child obese. Husbands also get surprised, she is eating a lot more and also more in frequently.

Handling her binge eating.

Ask her politely to eat healthy, to eat good type of carbs, proteins and also foods with vitamins and minerals and avoid empty calories. If she agrees, so consult a nutritionist as well. She will guide accordingly.

So dear husbands, Don’t tell her what’s wrong with you, just hold her hand, give her a forehead kiss and tell her, I am with you, whenever things gets nastier with you, we will fight against it. Remember your baby within her listens everything!

So happy daddy-time to all husbands!


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