I won’t use these lines in 2017: (emotional resolution)


1. I am such a fool – (feeling of guilt)

         If you’re depending on someone else to tell you how to feel, you’re not taking responsibility for your own confidence and happiness.
Better to say “I will choose differently next time”!!

2. I can’t afford this –

          Every one loves shopping, & we often use such lines, but it has an impact on emotional wellness.
So I will use” I choose not to spend money on that right now.” !!
This empowers you with the option of spending money later and brainstorming about how to budget for it.

3. I hate this –

         All have right to choose best thing, but you should not criticize in bad way.
you can say ” Pink color suits you more then black” instead of I hate if you wear black!!

4. You never do this ….

         If your loved one can not fall according to your expectations, that’s not always his fault.
Next time say “I have a problem with…..”
Too many taunts can affect your relationship.

5. Last but very important – ” I am sooo sorry”

Over-apologizing for minor, unnecessary things can do a number on your self-worth because you’re basically saying, ‘I’m not important.”
Be positive.
Keep an attitude.
Don’t do things which make you feel guilt!
Over come your inferiority or superiority complex.
Just be awesome:)

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