Fertility diet!

Gorgeous young Women preparing dinner in a kitchen concept cooking, culinary, healthy lifestyle.If you are planning a baby, you must have a perfect body and hormones to give a birth to a healthy child.


Morning breakfast

Oats/ wheat flakes/ wheat bread slice 2 with peanut butter

Whole milk with saffron

No caffeine  ( no tea or coffee )

Asparagus powder 1/2 spoon with water with 5 to 6 almonds




salad of cabbage/ lettuce

Subji of spinach  1 bowl

Lentil 1 bowl

Roti/indian bread 3

Buttermilk with black salt and cilantro




1 apple/a sweet lime (2)/ orange in the evening

dried fruits mixture




Mix veg khichdi with curd or flavored curd with low calorie /

Brown rice with Indian curry or dark red lentils


* no dinner after 7.30 pm

* 30 minutes of brisk walk

*cow ghee 1.5 spoon empty stomach every morning

* 1 day will be toxin – flush day once in a 15 days

This diet is only for one day per person in general form just for setting an example.

This diet is not optional for any hormonal therapies or IVF. Consulting is must for other complications. This diet is for a couple who have normal reports then also having difficulty to conceive a child. It is not recommended during pregnancy.


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